Boy Pioneers
We would like to welcome you to our Lutheran Boy Pioneer program. This ministry is a Christ-centered organization for boys in Grades K-8. We are a Synod wide organization that has local groups in all 50 states. Lutheran Boy Pioneers (LBP) encourages boys to do all things according to God’s Word and out of love and respect for God.

We offer opportunities to learn new things, practice teamwork principles and fellowship with other Christian peers and leaders. We usually meet once a month for about 1-1 1/2 Hours although some activities require an alternate time schedule. At these meetings we have a devotion, learn skills, play games, do craft projects and enjoy being together in a Christian atmosphere. Your child will receive the Pioneer newsletter at home and should check out for more information, fun stuff and National events.

You do not need to be enrolled in Trinity Lutheran School or belong to our congregation to be a member of pioneers. We encourage you to consider Lutheran boy pioneers as an opportunity to get together with your fellow Christians to grow in your faith and knowledge. We are working on this year’s schedule. Annual dues are used for district fees, craft projects, Pine Car Derby registration. The annual fee per participant is $25.00.

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