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Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church and School

(715) 676-2121
9529 State Highway 80
Marshfield, WI  54449


Welcome to Trinity

No Monday Worship
on October 19

Fall Worship Schedule
Sunday Worship 8.00am, 10.30am
Sunday School -- 9.15am
Monday -- 7.00pm

Join us for worship
and enjoy God's Word and Love

Worship Themes

Oct. 11    God’s Fruit: Kindness.   Galatians 5. 
  Can’t we just get along? If only the world had more kindness! Kindness is a trait that we all wish others had. But it is also a fruit of God’s love to us. Kindness is one of God’s fruits. One aspect of Christian kindness is that it shows itself in acts of kindness toward others. Learn more about this fruit. Readings. Genesis 2.18-24. Ephesians 5.21-6.4. Mark 10. 2-16. Hymns. 370. 505. 302. 343.

Oct. 18 Trinity Lutheran School Fortieth Anniversary
  Pastor Daniel Voigt is our guest pastor. The memories of classmates and teachers, of activities and classes, will fill our celebration.

Oct. 25    God Loves Gays!   1 Corinthians 6.9-11
  We live in a culture that seeks to be non-judgmental. We want to get along so we can get along! In one generation, we have gone from homosexuality being a sin to it be acceptable and mainstream. Were we wrong a generation ago? Have we learned to be more tolerant? What does God tell us in His Word? That is the key for Christians who heed His Word.
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Trinity Lutheran Church’s Mission is . . . sharing the changeless message in our changing times as we
✝    Preach and teach God’s Word in its truth and purity and defend that truth. We gather  together to hear and receive the Gospel to be nurtured in our faith.
✝    Share the Gospel message to all people by all means. We work together as a family of believers [congregation and Synod] so the Holy Spirit may lead sinners to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ through the proclamation of the Law and the Gospel. Through the Gospel the Holy Spirit involves us in building Christ’s Kingdom.

✝    Promote and provide fellowship and the sharing of Christian faith and love. We wish to express our like-mindedness in Christ as motivated by the Gospel.
✝    Offer opportunities for Christian service to others. Through the Gospel the Holy Spirit equips us for works of service and acts of love towards all people, but especially of the household of faith.
✝    Provide facilities dedicated to and honoring of our gracious God. We maintain what God has provided and seek ways to use these blessings in service to God, His people, and others.
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